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  • Christmas world 2020 exhibition in germany
    Christmas world 2020 exhibition in germany Jan 06, 2020
    Show name: Christmas world 2020 Date: 24th, Jan,2020 -28th, Jan, 2020. Booth NO.: FC 30A & FC30B Address:Messe Frankfurt, Germany Welcome everyone to come to the exhibition!
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  • Usage of various ribbon
    Usage of various ribbon Nov 26, 2019
    1.Jacquard ribbon jacquard is a fashionable and trendy ribbon process. Jacquard has single-sided jacquard and double-sided jacquard. Nylon ribbon jacquard, which is used more often, is the most advanced ribbon variety today. After the jacquard ribbon has a three-dimensional exquisite appearance, the jacquard pattern is durable and wear-resistant, and will never deform. The brand jacquard, the logo is clearly visible, the color is bright, and the grade is very high, which can increase the added value of the product and enhance the brand image. The unique pattern jacquard can reflect the beautiful and differentiated design of the product, and can also highlight the designer's design concept. Mainly used in middle and high-end brand products such as luggage, leather goods, bags, pet belts and belts. 2.Nylon ribbon Nylon ribbon is made of imported nylon yarn and environmentally friendly dyes, and advanced dyeing and finishing equipment and dyeing and finishing technology. It has bright color, good abrasion resistance, soft hand feeling, strong tensile strength and good gloss. Nylon ribbon is highly durable in use and will not change for ten years. Various weaving methods can also be developed according to demand, such as plain weave, herringbone weave, twill weave, twill weave, hollow belt (hollow belt), fine pits and so on. Guangfan is used in handbags, leather goods, bags, lanyards, outdoor products, strollers and other products. 3.Polyester cotton ribbon Polyester-cotton ribbon: Polyester-cotton is a collective name for polyester and cotton blended fabrics, with polyester as the main ingredient. Its characteristics are that it not only highlights the polyester style, but also has the advantages of cotton fabrics. It has good elasticity and abrasion resistance in dry and wet conditions, stable size, small shrinkage rate, upright, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash, and quick-drying. Local characteristics, mainly used in women's clothing, belts, cotton woven bags and other products. 4.Special ribbon Special ribbon: materials can be woven or treated with special raw materials, such as Kevlar ribbon, fish ribbons, and slings. According to the needs of the product, it can be treated with waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, increased tensile strength, flame retardant, anti-aging and abrasion resistance to enhance the uniqueness of the product. It is widely used in outdoor products, marine life-saving products, fire equipment, fitness equipment, military belt , Gun strap, shoulder strap, armed strap, parachute, etc.
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  • 2019 Asia Own Brand Trade Show (Kuala Lumpur)MaPLE
    2019 Asia Own Brand Trade Show (Kuala Lumpur)MaPLE Nov 08, 2019
    Exhibition Name: 2019 Asia Own Brand Trade Show (Kuala Lumpur)MaPLE Malaysia Private Label Expo Exhibition time: November 25-27, 2019 Preparation time: November 24, 2019, 11:00 - 22:00 Venue: Kuala Lumpur International Convention and Exhibition Center Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Venue: Hall 4&5, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiav Booth No.: 4115 Welcome everyone to come to the exhibition!
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  • Dyeing process of ribbon
    Dyeing process of ribbon Oct 29, 2019
    Normal temperature water cleaning (2 sinks/frequency)--drying (with steam, drum surface temperature 200 degrees Celsius) -- dyeing tank - infrared fixing color (light box power; box temperature up to 100 degrees Celsius) -- high temperature fixing ( Electricity; temperature in the box up to 200 degrees Celsius) -- normal temperature water cleaning (small machine 4 times; medium machine 6 times; large machine 8-10 times. Due to the poor color fastness of the velvet strip, the cleaning is changed to 100 °C for cleaning.) - Drying (with steam, the surface temperature of the drum is 200 °C) Infrared is mainly used to induce the dyeing agent---formation of a photocatalyst-based active small molecule that can be polymerized under the action of light, and then polymerized at a high temperature of 200 degrees in the latter stage to achieve color fixation. After that, it is washed with water at normal temperature, and the purpose is to let the yarn after the reaction is completely cooled while washing with water to remove some small molecules formed after the reaction.
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    2019 HONGKONG EXHIBITION Oct 24, 2019
    On 20th - 23th Oct., 2019, Gordon Ribbons&Trimming CO.,LTD participated in the Hong Kong MEGA Show Part 1 and showed its customers ribbons,printed ribbon,bows and other competitive products. The products of Gordon Ribbons Trimming CO.,LTD have been welcomed and watched by customers. Through this exhibition, we reception customers from all over the world, and also obtained many orders and intention customers. The products of Gordon Ribbons Trimming CO.,LTD has been affirm and recognized by many customers!
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  • Welcome to Visit Our Booth in Hong Kong
    Welcome to Visit Our Booth in Hong Kong Oct 18, 2019
    Exhibition: Hong Kong MEGA Show Part 1 Date: 20th - 23th Oct., 2019 Booth NO.: 1A-A30 Add: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai Hong Kong (Harbour Road Entrance)
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